Declaration of Covenants

The Declaration of Covenants is the legal document that lays out the guidelines for Banneker Place community. The Declaration of Covenants are recorded in the county records for Howard County and are legally binding. This means that when you purchase a home in Banneker Place , automatically become a member of the Banneker Place Condominium Association. Basically, the Declaration of Covenants are the rules of the community. They govern what you can, can’t, or must do with respect to your home. Declaration of Covenants are accessible for review by members of the association. 


A Condominium Association is an organization established to manage a private, planned community. Like other corporations, the Condominium is governed by a board of directors who are elected by the members and a set of rules called Bylaws. The Bylaws govern how the condominium operates and contain the information needed to run the community as a business. For example, the bylaws cover matters such as the duties of the various officers of the Board of Directors; the consistency of the board; the rules for meetings both annual and board; assessment information; and insurance information. Bylaws are accessible for review by members of the association. image feature, defined in terms of a specific structure in the image data, can often be represented in different ways. 

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Parking Policy

Abington Condominium Parking Rules and Regulations applies to any and all vehicles parked in the Abington Community.  Parking Areas shall be for the primary use of residents and for the temporary use of their visitors.

Only one vehicle per condominium unit driveway is allowed and the vehicle must be parked directly in front of each unit’s garage door. Street parking is allowed only in designated areas and vehicles must be parked within the parking lines. No vehicle may be parked on the driveway apron, in a manner that blocks a driveway, in front of the dumpsters, on the sidewalks, on the grass, in fire lanes, in turn-around spaces, or in any portion of the common driveway.

Architectural Guidelines

Architectural guidelines were establish for Abington Condominium to provide a standard for all unit owners to comply.

Approved Colors

Abington Condominium has color standards as noted in the attached document. These colors must be adhered and any deviation would require board permission.

Fine Policy

When purchasing a unit in Abington Condominium, each unit owner agrees to abide by the condominium Declaration of Covenants, the Bylaws and any adopted Rules and Regulations. That is a contractual agreement reflected in the Maryland Condominium Act, paragraph 11-111. Any failure to abide by the Declaration, Bylaws or Rules and Regulations may be subject to enforcement action depending on the infringement.